Experience Your Impact

Experience Your Impact

Be closer to your cause and make giving personal. Impideo is an innovative tool for charities to use right in the palm of their hand. This is the future of giving, and we want to share it with you.

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We are bridging the gap between charity and innovation. People act from the heart, not the head, and we believe in engaging a donor by showing them their direct impact. With Impideo, organizations directly connect donors to their cause with a personal video message.

Let the Numbers Tell the Story

Donors are 12x more likely to watch a video over reading text.

First-time donors have a 19% retention rate.

Donors are 6x more likely to take action after watching a video.

How We Work

  • take out your phone

    1. Take Out Your Phone

    Open Impideo right on your smartphone. Here you can search for the donor or donor group you want to engage. This might be a direct message to someone who gave a gift recently, or it could be a message to a group of donors who helped make something special happen. Impideo gives you the opportunity to engage one donor or a group of donors with as many messages as you would like.

  • record the impact

    2. Record the Impact

    Capture the emotional moment right inside the Impideo platform using your phone’s camera. You have the ability to film any initiative currently taking place for your organization. This can be anything from a simple thank-you video from the team to your mission live in action.

  • send it to donor

    3. Send It To Donors

    With the click of a button, you have now allowed your supporters to experience their impact in a way like never before. They will be notified that they have a message from you, brought back to your website, and able to view their impact directly. Bringing the donor to the emotional climax of their donation experience will make them part of the story, encouraging them to give again.

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We care about charities and seeing them grow. We know this is a platform that will help you retain your donors and be able to spend more resources on your mission. More donors giving again means more impact happening, and that is a win for everyone.

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