Fleece and Thank You

Fleece and Thank You (FTY) has a very simple premise: provide comfort to children facing hospital treatments. In the state of Michigan, along with 11 other states, FTY looks to reach tens of thousands of children entering pediatric inpatient wings each year with a colorful fleece blanket. The warmth doesn’t stop at the blanket donation, though.

Once a child has picked out their blanket, there is an attached patch with directions that lead to a video message. That message comes from the person that made the child’s specific blanket! This is all done using the Impideo platform.

To bring together children in all stages of the diabetic process, from those new to the disease to those that had been diagnosed for a longer period of time.The ADA decided to put their focus in the southwest corner of the country for the Impideo pilot, specifically Arizona and New Mexico.Within one hour of launching their Impideo video campaign, connecting kids with their peers, a corporate sponsor was hooked. Children shared their experiences, and those willing to allow Impideo footage to be shared on the ADA’s social media handles inspired a corporate partner to acknowledge the need for supporting the diabetic community and get involved!

For a child facing treatments in the cold hospital room, a connection from the outside world shows the child that they are not forgotten. Impideo is the provider of that video by way of a few clicks on a mobile phone. The simplicity of our platform allows for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of blankets to be made at events in a single day. The video recording that takes place at these events is so straightforward that most volunteer blanket makers don’t even need directions. This simple process is at the heart of Impideo’s mission, empowering the volunteer and empowering the recipient of the video message.

Fleece & Thank You is in perpetual growth, not only because their cause is easy to support, but also because the blanket-maker can get a video message back from the child once they have received their blanket. In showing the donor the direct impact of their donation, they are enthused to give again. It is for that reason FTY has a 91% donor retention rate, more than double the national average. Fleece & Thank You is made possible by groups of caring individuals, and their messages are transmitted back and forth through the Impideo platform.